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Every year across Utah, thousands of married couples legally separate or divorce. The state, in fact, according to the most recent census, 10.2 percent of all adult women have been divorced at least once and nearly an equal percentage of adult men*. While it is not something you probably thought about as you were signing your marriage license years ago, facing it now means facing a unique set of legal challenges.

I Won't Promise A Result, But I Will Promise To Honestly Care About Your Case

I am Utah family law attorney Trish LaTulippe of LaTulippe & Hincks, LLC, in Salt Lake City. I believes that no two divorces have ever been the same because no two marriages have ever been the same. While there may be some family law services that can be handled individually (and I do offer unbundled services), handling complex issues involving child custody, marital property and spousal support requires understanding where you are coming from, not just where the law is coming from.

If you are considering filing for divorce, or perhaps have already been served papers by your spouse, it is important to start building a strong working relationship with a lawyer as soon as possible. Call me to schedule a time we can sit down together to discuss your family's needs.

But Family Law Is More Than Just Divorce

I am a full-service Utah family law attorney, including:

  • Divorce, uncontested and contested litigation
  • Equitable marital property and debt distribution
  • Complex assets such as retirement accounts and pensions
  • Paternity concerns for fathers
  • Child custody, parenting time, joint custody
  • Spousal maintenance and support, alimony
  • Modifications, Post-divorce and court judgment
  • Petitions to relocate with a custodial child, fighting a relocation
  • Prenuptial agreements

Unbundled Divorce And Family Law Services

Many divorce and family law matters don't require an attorney charging countless billable hours. Many can be handled with simple forms and perhaps a court visit or two. If you have most of your disputes resolved and need a lawyer to draft or review and file the documents, I offer specific, unbundled legal services at a reasonable cost. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your circumstances and I will give you an honest evaluation of whether you will require full representation or can handle the legal issues with one or more specific services.

Same Sex Marriage Law
Same-sex marriage is legal in Utah, and that means that divorce between same-sex couples will often include the same issues that heterosexual couples face. If you are in the process of dissolving a same-sex marriage or domestic relationship, don't take anything for granted about the law. Call me to learn more.

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