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It is completely understandable that so many parents — men in particular — want to fight for joint custody of their child or children in a divorce or paternity matter in Utah. Most people believe they can be excellent parents and have a right to remain heavily involved in their children's lives. Many parents also fear that anything less than 50-50 shared parenting will mean they will be slowly cut out of their children's lives. Unfortunately, it does happen sometimes, but never because the courts want it to.

Child Support Isn't Alimony
Noncustodial parents often want joint custody to reduce or eliminate the child support. Any custodial parent will tell you that child support doesn't go nearly far enough to cover the financial cost of parental responsibility, even half-time. I advise parents, if you are seeking joint custody because you don't want to pay your ex-spouse money, it's for the wrong reason altogether.

A Lawyer Who Is Not Afraid To Speak Honestly With Clients

At the divorce and family law firm of LaTulippe & Hincks, LLC, in Salt Lake City, you will receive sound legal advice about the realities of joint legal custody and joint physical custody. As a family law attorney with more than 26 years of experience, am often in a position to explain to a parent — usually the father — that joint custody may require changes they aren't prepared to follow through on. There will often be overnight visits on school nights, weekend visits that affect personal relationships. If seeking joint custody is really the best option for you and your children, there are ways to figure out a visitation schedule that will not uproot your lives.

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Before you start worrying about getting joint custody of your child or children, let me answer your questions. Remember, custody does not mean ownership. There are excellent options to make sure you stay involved in your child's life, even as the noncustodial parent.

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