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Men, just because your name is on the birth certificate in Utah, it doesn't mean you automatically get all rights of fatherhood. Under our state's laws, you will be ordered to pay child support, but it won't give you the right to demand visitation rights from the mother. In many cases, you will need to take legal action to establish a court-ordered schedule that will give you the full rights that accompany your obligation.

Do Men Have An Uphill Battle For Their Father's Rights?
It may seem as if the law doesn't favor fathers in paternity cases. The law doesn't favor either parent, but fathers sometimes have to enforce their rights from mothers who are naturally protective of their child's welfare.

I am family law and child custody lawyer Trish LaTulippe of LaTulippe & Hincks, LLC, in Salt Lake City. I have years of experience protecting the rights of men in paternity matters. I can help you with issues such as:

  • Paternity test litigation
  • Visitation rights enforcement
  • Legal and physical custody rights, shared custody
  • Child support enforcement disputes
  • Adoption notification
  • Fighting a relocation petition
  • Fighting termination of parental rights
  • Fighting petition to change your child's last name

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