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Trucking Accidents

Semi-trucks, also called Big Rigs, 18 Wheelers, Tractor/trailers, can cause substantial injury and damage in an accident.

  • Innocent drivers may pay a steep price when semi-truck drivers fail to put safety first
  • An immediate investigation is critical
  • The sooner you hire an attorney the better

Semi-trucks, are held to higher safety standards than cars by federal and state trucking laws.

Between the Utah's regulations and federal regulations imposed on the trucking industry, drivers have strict limitations regarding:

  • The number of hours they can drive per day.
  • How much sleep they must have.
  • Routine drug and alcohol tests.
  • In-depth background checks, and
  • Ongoing driver monitoring.

Unfortunately, semi-truck companies don't always enforce these regulations and truck drivers fail to obey the many strict state and federal regulations. Corners are cut which leaves innocent drivers sharing the road with drivers who are in no position to be behind the wheel. Upon investigation, it often becomes clear that the semi-truck driver and/or his employer were seriously negligent.

Statistics of injured drivers are sobering with accidents resulting from:

  • Truck driver fatigue,
  • Substance abuse,
  • Seeding
  • Overloaded freight
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Faulty equipment

When a crash occurs, the driver and passengers typically receive the most serious injuries.

Act now because time is important! Each type of injury has a strict time limit set by Utah law on when legal action may be filed with the court. If you fail to meet that deadline, you are forever stopped or barred from bringing your claim.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, the first step is to get the medical care you need. The next step is to hire a competent attorney. We are ready to assist you with the legal end and to trucking companies and their driver's responsible for their negligence. We will protect your legal rights.

Contact us by phone at 385-715-4900, skype or email for a free consultation. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the lawyers at EveryInjuryCounts represent trucking victims throughout the entire state of Utah.


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